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Employers: Get mental health support for your employees and apprentices

Able Futures delivers the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service to support employees and apprentices who have something on their mind that is affecting their time at work.

You know how important people are to your business. When people are living with a mental health issue they can experience good days and bad days and their productivity can fluctuate. On their bad days they can lose focus and find tasks difficult to complete. They may even need time off, which can harm their performance and your profitability.

We give employers no cost advice and support on how you can help staff in your business cope with any issues that are playing on their mind. By letting your employees know about the nine months mental health support that Able Futures provides at no cost to them, you can support mental wellbeing at work.

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Employer case studies

From NHS trusts to local authorities, higher education institutions to charities, Able Futures can give employers the toolkit they need to support their staff mental health. Read how Kellogg's, Camden Council, Together Trust and Footasylum are just some of the employers Able Futures is currently supporting.


Kellogg's discovers the best way to start the day at work with mental health support from Able Futures

Camden Council

How Camden Council turned to Able Futures to support its staff for more enjoyable futures at work

Together Trust

Education, residential care and support services specialist puts its trust in Able Futures for better mental health at work


Retailer taking steps to support mental health with the help of Able Futures


Allianz is managing the risks of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or stress affecting their employees with support from Able Futures.


Helen Foster, Head of Pensions, Wellbeing and Benefits at Sodexo, explains how Able Futures has helped them support staff mental health at work.

Transport for London

TfL ensures no-one gets left behind when it comes to mental health with support from Able Futures.

Essex County Council

Essex County Council is keen to show its 7,500 employees that it values their mental wellbeing.

Discover how Able Futures can help employers

Able Futures provides employers with education resources and guidance to help them support people with mental health conditions in the workplace. Employers can benefit from:

  • Advice on supporting a worker with a mental health condition.
  • Education on mental health and a toolkit for you, your colleagues and your leadership team to manage mental health at work.
  • Internal promotion of Able Futures, and our easy-to-use, confidential mental health support service for your employees.

There is no charge for employers or employees to use this service, which is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

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Employers questions about Able Futures

The Access to Work Mental Health Support Service helps you support your employees with a confidential service designed around their needs and daily routine. It also offers you advice, practical support and internal promotion materials you can use to raise awareness of the service within your business.

In addition, every business that registers for the service receives an employer toolkit, a free training resource full of helpful dos and don’ts, access to webinars and information sessions on mental health at work, and resources and guidance on the latest topics for supporting people with their mental health at work.

The support Able Futures provides under the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service can help your employees living with a mental health condition have more good days, and a healthier, happier workforce is better for productivity.

What’s more, the service can potentially improve employee attendance and retention while reducing the time and money spent on recruitment.

By providing support you demonstrate your commitment to a more inclusive and diverse workplace, which can enhance employee engagement and create a positive working environment.

When you sign-up to provide the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service you receive a comprehensive range of support.

In addition to the employer toolkit, internal promotional materials and resources and information on mental health at work, you have access to qualified professionals to help you help your employees.

They will have experience of working with people with mental health conditions. Knowledge that you can access at any time.

There is no charge to you or your employees to use the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service from Able Futures. This includes all the calls, meetings, expert advice, guidance and promotional materials.

It does not matter what type or size your business is, or how many employees use the service. All support provided under the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Watch webinars and access other Able Futures employer resources. 

By getting in touch with our employer services team, you can get further resources including:

  • Advice on supporting a worker with a mental health condition
  • Education and a toolkit for you, your colleagues and your leadership team
  • Materials for internal promotion of Able Futures, an easy-to-use, no cost, confidential service for your employees

Able Futures is a specialist partnership set-up to provide the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The support provided is designed to help people living with mental health difficulties and is funded by the DWP.

The Able Futures partnership includes:


Ingeus is a global provider of services that help make positive change. They give people the support and skills they need to get a job, gain independence and become productive employees.


Case-UK works with individuals and families to create a desire for change, which results in improving their personal, social and economic well-being.

Health 2 Employment

Health 2 Employment supports people living with physical and mental health difficulties. Their highly qualified health team help people manage their condition so that they can find jobs and stay in employment longer.


Salus is an NHS-based provider of occupational health, safety and return-to-work services. The first-class advice and support they deliver helps people with health conditions into work and remain in employment.