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06 Jul 2023

Sodexo's Able Futures story

For Helen Foster, Head of Pensions, Wellbeing and Benefits at Sodexo, Able Futures has been a vital source of support for their staff across England, Scotland and Wales, helping them to reduce staff sickness leave and support staff mental health at work.

"We partnered with Able Futures in early 2020 during the Covid pandemic," says Helen. "Essentially it means that we can keep people in the business. We don't have people going off for long periods of sick."

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With benefits to their business such as reduced staff sickness leave, the Access To Work Mental Health Support Service Able Futures provides has helped individual employees across Sodexo divisions including their healthcare and justice services learn self care routines and coping mechanisms to help them when things are playing on their mind at work.

As the support Able Futures provides is flexible and fast, with a first appointment scheduled within 30 days of someone reaching out for support, Helen says it meets the needs of the Sodexo business. "I would definitely recommend the service," says Helen.

A key benefit of promoting Able Futures to their staff is that Sodexo employees can access support that is tailored to their needs and control whether anyone at work is aware of their participation. "It empowers the employee because they can make contact with Able Futures directly," says Helen. "There's no need for a manager referral. They don't need to share their experience if they don't want to and it's just providing additional support for our site managers."

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