Participant and employer experiences of mental health support from Able Futures

Participant case studies

David’s a driving force for mental health

The busy bus driver from Halifax has worked hard to combat mental ill-health that threatened to overwhelm him and with support from Able Futures is back on the road to wellness.

Laura uncovers the formula to a happy life

Chemist Laura felt unable to open up to family and friends when she started to find all aspects of her life difficult. The 31-year-old from York was juggling a full-time job with studying part time for a Masters degree when she finally found Able Futures could support her.

Holly gains the tools to support her mental health

Health shop worker Holly's work-life balance was out of kilter and her mental health was deteriorating. Thanks to help from Able Futures alongside her own hard work and determination, Holly’s life inside and outside of work has transformed.

Rebecca finds peace and mental wellbeing at work

Panic attacks, stress and anxiety were all taking a toll on 25-year-old Rebecca, who was close to burnout. Rebecca reached out to Able Futures and received advice and guidance to help her reclaim her time and energy and focus on herself.

Caitlin overcomes panic attacks and anxiety

Busy receptionist Caitlin, 32 from Wigan, was feeling overwhelmed and struggling to achieve a work-life balance. With support from Able Futures she now feels more able to cope with challenging situations and overcome issues that affect her mental health. 

Toni heads out in a new direction

Working as a carer was only ever meant to be a stop-gap for media and culture graduate Toni Lawrence. But the 25-year-old from Leeds was experiencing anxiety due to her stressful job and the long hours she was working so she turned to Able Futures for support. 

Paul overcomes worries to feel better at work

Graphic designer Paul from Southport was finding it hard to cope with worry about his workload and feeling isolated, unsupported and anxious. Tailored advice and guidance from Able Futures has helped him overcome overwhelming negative feelings and cope better at work. 

Michelle unlocks the door to happiness

Michelle Watkins felt that she had hit rock bottom after relationship issues shook her confidence at work. Able Futures helped with tailored advice and guidance to help her recover and feel better able to cope in her high profile role as a regional sales manager.

Nursing David back to good mental health

The 50-year-old nurse was working on a ward for elderly people when the Covid pandemic struck. Seeing so many people ill and dying from the virus, while trying to come to terms with the loss of his mum, took its toll and he turned to Able Futures for support. 

Joe needed some help while he works to help others

Joe needed support and guidance on how to cope better with anxiety and subsequent stress in a high pressure job working in the probation service. Now Joe feels confident in what the future might bring after engaging with mental health support service Able Futures.

Steph discovers ways to feel happier at work

Engaging with Able Futures has helped 29 year old pharmacist Steph retrain her thinking patterns so her anxiety no longer leads her to catastrophise and the negative thoughts are no longer a part of her personality that has to be with her forever. 

Teacher Michelle learns how to support her mental health

Special needs teacher Michelle, from Bradford, feels much better equipped to deal with her worries and anxieties at work after reaching out to Able Futures when she was feeling overwhelmed. 

Employer case studies

From NHS trusts to local authorities, higher education institutions to charities, Able Futures can give employers the toolkit they need to support their staff mental health.

Allianz Insurance

Allianz is managing the risks of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or stress affecting their employees with support from Able Futures.


Helen Foster, Head of Pensions, Wellbeing and Benefits at Sodexo, explains how Able Futures has helped them support staff mental health at work.

Transport for London

TfL ensures no-one gets left behind when it comes to mental health with support from Able Futures.


Kellogg's discovers the best way to start the day at work with mental health support from Able Futures

Essex County Council

Essex County Council is keen to show its 7,500 employees that it values their mental wellbeing.


Footasylum takes steps to support mental health with the help of Able Futures

Camden Council

Camden Council supports its staff for more enjoyable futures at work

Together Trust

Together Trust puts its trust in Able Futures for better mental health at work

Daisy Communications

Keeping working minds as fresh at Daisy Communications

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