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Mental health information and resources

Able Futures knows that mental health conditions such as depression
and anxiety can mean we have some bad days. Things such as stress or bereavement can impact our mental health and can mean we struggle at work and don't feel able to cope with everyday life.

There are things we can do to improve our mental wellbeing, and Able Futures can help mental health at work by providing advice, information and support.


How anxiety can affect our bodies and the way we think, feel and behave


How depression and low moods can affect our mind and bodies


How stress affects our mental health and our bodies


How grief and loss can affect our mental health

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

How the seasons and daylight can affect how we feel

Mental wellbeing

How Able Futures can help us take care of our mental health


How rest and sleep affects our mental health

Eating and drinking

How food and what we drink affects our mental health