Eating and drinking

Illustration of eating and drinking on your mind

Eating and drinking and mental health

How does what we eat and drink affect our mental health?

The food and drink we consume powers our bodies and our brains, and the way we feel about ourselves, what we think about information around us and our emotional reactions to situations that arise can all be influenced by the levels of energy, nutrients and water that we get from our food and drink.

Sometimes what we choose to eat and drink is not as healthy as we would like it to be, and this means our brains and bodies do not have the vitamins and minerals they need to work at their best. We can feel sluggish or low, find it difficult to get good sleep, struggle to learn new skills and feel down about ourselves. 

And sometimes when we have mental health issues, such as dealing with stress or anxiety, we might engage in unhelpful and unhealthy ways of coping. 

Our mental health can be helped by eating and drinking healthily and understanding how food and drink affects our brain chemicals and the way our brain works to control our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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