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Sodexo transcript

Helen Foster, Head of Pensions, Well-being and Benefits, Sodexo: "We partnered with Able Futures in early 2020 during the covid pandemic. Essentially it means that we can keep people in the business we don't have people going off for long periods of sick."

"I am Helen Foster and I am head of pensions, well-being and benefits for Sodexo UK and Ireland."

Fiona Campbell, Integration Manager, Able Futures: "Able Futures offers a nine-month support for individuals it's a no-cost service to both the employer and the individual and it's all about advice support guidance and coping strategies to try and keep that person staying work rather than feeling like they have to go off on sick or in some cases leave their employment."

"A VRC, which stands for Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, is an individual who supports a staff member over the nine month period that they're on program for they are a qualified mental health practitioner."

Siobhan Cooper, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, Able Futures: "My name is Siobhan and I am a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant. When they get allocated to one of us they will be given a tailor-made support plan which will outline some objectives that might be things such as the struggling with anxiety, low mood, sleep, resilience anything regarding those issues and maybe more that we can signpost and give advice and guidance to."

Helen: "I would definitely recommend the service it empowers the employee because they can make contact with Able Futures directly. There's no need for a manager referral. They don't need to share their experience if they don't want to and it's just providing additional support for our site managers."

Fiona: "Ingeus leads Able Futures who deliver the Access To Work Mental Health Support Service program on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions which is delivered across England, Scotland and Wales"

"For more information about how Able Futures could support your staff if mental health issues are affecting them at work please visit the Able Futures website or call Able Futures on 0800 321 3137."