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01 Apr 2021

Stress Awareness

April is stress awareness month, and in 2021 it seems more people than ever before are feeling stress.

Research from the Mental Health Foundation has found that in the last year 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point that they have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. And the Stress Management Society has found that 65% of people in the UK have felt more stressed since the COVID-19 restrictions began in March 2020. 

So, to start the month, we've compiled five simple things you could do each day to help you focus on positive things in your life and understand your thoughts and feelings and how they are affected 


Day 1: Start a thought journal

Day 2: Note down 10 things you are grateful for

Day 3: Keep hydrated and drink 8 glasses of fluid every day

Day 4: Check your sleep routine

Day 5: Finish this sentence. "I am happiest when ..."



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