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Eating Disorders Awareness Week graphic
01 Mar 2021

Eating disorders awareness

From 1-7 March 2021 Beating Eating Disorders runs Eating Disorders Awareness Week, to raise understanding of binge eating disorder and develop conversations and compassion for people experiencing eating disorders. 

Eating disorders are a serious mental health condition that can affect many of us, with binge eating disorder affecting one in fifty people at some point in their lives. Information on support and treatment is available if you are worried that you or someone you know is experiencing an eating disorder, with information on the Beat website.  

Do you turn to food when emotions are overwhelming you?

Disordered eating is something that many people will experience as part of other mental health issues such as stress or when they are experiencing difficult and overwhelming feelings like low moods, boredom or anxiety. 

If you find that when you are stressed you eat lots or, if something is playing on your mind you lose your appetite, you could apply for support from Able Futures. We can help you understand the relationship between food and mood and support you to learn healthier ways to manage your stress, low mood and anxiety.

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