Depression illustration
18 Jan 2021

Blue Monday

Many people find January is a difficult time of year, and this year it may be feeling harder than ever. 

The 18th January has been labelled #BlueMonday because of the likely combination of bad weather, low moods after returning to work from a Christmas break and frustrations starting to bite if you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions. Living and working in the latest lockdown may make Monday's in January 2021 even more difficult to cope with. 

If you’re feeling blue on Monday 18th, or have low moods or are struggling to feel well on that and any other working day of the year, you may find confidential, no cost support and guidance from us could help. We can give you nine months advice from a mental health professional who could help you tackle issues that are playing on your mind and make a plan to help you feel better and learn how to manage your mental health throughout the ups and downs of the year ahead. 

Watch our webinar on how Able Futures can support you if you are dealing with depression.

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