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23 Dec 2021

Able Futures: supporting mental health at work in 2021

2021 has been another uncertain and challenging year, and Able Futures has been proud to be able to offer some support to more than 4,000 people who have experienced issues that affected how they felt at work. 

The issues that people have needed support for are as diverse as the people we've supported, including anxiety following a trauma at work, stress about coping with Covid restrictions while managing to work from home and looking after a family, and feeling low and being unable to attend work. 

The Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants who make up our team and provide the personalised advice and guidance to each participant who Able Futures supports have each supported hundreds of people this year, and some of them have shared their 2021 highlights, telling how the work they do for Able Futures has helped them settle in to new jobs, cope with health issues that are affecting them and still be able to do their job, as well as balancing a sense of satisfaction at work with a busy life outside work. 

And some of the people Able Futures has supported in 2021 have told their Able Futures stories, including Toni who filmed a short video about her experience, and David who told how he has recommended the Able Futures support to his friends and family. 

There are still uncertain times ahead, and while things that are playing on your mind are affecting your mental health at work, Able Futures is available to support you, with regular appointments over nine months to help you learn new coping mechanisms, ways things could be adjusted to help you at work and practice healthy disciplines to look after yourself.

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