Photos of 5 VRCs
20 Dec 2021

VRC 2021 Highlights

Able Futures Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants have each supported hundreds of people with different mental health issues in 2021. Their role gives them the chance to listen to many participants who are experiencing feelings that make it challenging for them to cope at work, and the VRCs suggest personalised actions each participant could take to help them feel better.

The VRCs also support one another to compile the best resources, information and advice for participants and they work together to ensure that, as a team, the VRCs are also able to get the support they need throughout the year at work.

At the end of this strange and challenging year, some of the Able Futures VRC have shared the things that have been most memorable for them about their time at work in 2021.

Lisa Dobinson says: "I am so fortunate to do a job I love and blessed to work with amazing participants who allow me into their life, share their challenges, and make steps to enhance their lives – such a privilege."
Photo of Lisa Dobinson VRC
Photo of Amelia Montague-Rendall VRC
Amelia Montague-Rendall says: "One thing I enjoy about working as a VRC for Able Futures is that even throughout the pandemic, I have been able to support individuals from multiple different backgrounds and professions to improve their mental health / wellbeing and reach their full potential in work."
Amardeep Diocee says: "I enjoy many aspects of my job, from amazing colleagues, supportive managers to having the opportunity to help people improve their wellbeing, health and improve their skills."
Photo of Amardeep Diocee VRC
Photo of Nina Willis VRC
Nina Willis says: "This year I have enjoyed a few things in my role: the participants enthusiasm to change and improve their well-being, my colleagues resilience and the mornings gifs on the Teams chat that bring a smile to my face and lastly the support I have received from my management during a difficult year I have had with family illness and my own menopausal chaos."
Avtar Gill joined the team in November 2021 and says: "I’m still settling in but the whole team have been super wonderful, supportive and fun to engage and work along with!  Everyone has made me feel welcome and I know help is always at hand."
Photo of Avtar Gill VRC

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