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04 Feb 2021

Why it's important to take time to talk about mental health

Taking time to talk about mental health can feel hard. It can seem difficult to take time away from work to talk about how you're feeling and thinking and it can feel awkward finding someone you trust to be able to talk to honestly without worrying that you are over sharing with someone you know or burdening someone you love.

But there's a huge number of benefits to talking and on #TimeToTalk day, and every other day of the year, Able Futures knows how important it is to take the time to find someone to talk to. 

Conversation is cathartic

Having a good conversation can be cathartic - giving us a feeling of relief if we talk about something that has happened to us that makes us feel emotionally upset, angry, anxious or in despair. Often the things that happen to us cannot be changed, but talking about them can release some of the pain and bring a feeling of relief. 

Talking helps us feel less alone

It isn't always the case that we want to connect with other people who have experienced similar things to us, but sometimes it can feel good to talk about something and listen to someone else share their experiences. Talking to someone means we can ask for ideas and advice to help us cope with difficult situations and this can help us feel less alone while we're coping with issues that are playing on our minds. 

Talking is free

Talking to a mental health professional is possible at no cost through the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service that Able Futures delivers. For up to nine months you can talk to an Able Futures Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant (VRC) who can help you build resilience, tackle issues, feel better and learn how to manage your mental health throughout the ups and downs of life. 

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