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17 Feb 2021

Random acts of kindness

Every year on 17 February Random Acts of Kindness Day celebrates the impact of being kind.

Research from the Mental Health Foundation shows that being kind to other people can help us feel better ourselves. Kindness can improve our mental health by reducing stress, bringing a sense of belonging and it can even benefit our physical health.

So how can we be kind?

The Random Acts of Kindness organisation has created a workplace kindness calendar for 2021, with a daily idea for being kind and a monthly activity for teams at work to use to celebrate kindness.

Kindness doesn't need to be a big deal and it's often best when it's something simple. Today ask yourself, how you could do something kind for someone else.

  • Give feedback to a colleague on something positive they've done
  • Offer to help out with a piece of work 
  • Listen to someone and respond with kindness

And how could you be kind to yourself?

  • Eat a healthy meal
  • Get outside for some daylight
  • Tidy up your workspace

We've got other ideas to help you be kind to yourself and you could apply for advice and guidance from Able Futures to help you learn ways to be kind to your mind. 


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