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16 Jan 2023

New year, new you?

Now we're a couple of weeks into 2023, how many of us have managed to stick to the resolutions we made for the new year? Many people think of this time of the year as a time to make changes and resolve to do things like exercise more, eat healthier or learn some new skills. But research has shown that instead of making resolutions, people who make goals are more likely to be successful.

So what is the best way to make goals and how can 2023 be the year when we make the changes we want to make life our best life? First of all, let’s think about this as a year long journey that’s only the start of the rest of our lives. Then, imagine the type of changes you want to make. Really think about what is important to you and what is your motivation for making the change?

What is your support network?

Consider who there is around you who can support you when things get tough. Who has got your back? You might find a friend or colleague who also wants to make changes this year – maybe you could support each other? Why not talk about it with someone who’s important to you and today is as good a day as any to reach out. This is the message the Samaritans are promoting with their Brew Monday initiative, encouraging us all to make a cuppa and reach out for a catch-up with people we care about.

And here at Able Futures we can support you if your mental health challenges are affecting you at work.  Find out more about the service we provide and how you could set some goals and make some changes in 2023 and join our webinar on mental health at work at the start of a new year running on 23rd January at 14:00. Or apply online for nine months' mental health support.

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