David Kinnald: "I was actually struggling to access services locally. I applied through the website for an assessment and within two weeks I had a call and then we started from there.

I think it's genuinely changed my life. I've been able to work with my VRC to come up with some strategies to really help me deal with thoughts and feelings and the state of my mind

I'm David Kinnald and I'm 37 years old. I'm a proud father of two, a husband and away from work I own and run a football club with some friends. I'm a bus driver I'm also a qualified Mental Health First Aider."

Amelia Montague-Rendall: "My name's Amelia Montague-Rendall and I'm one of the lead Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants for Able Futures in the South. 

So in my role I work to support employees who come onto the service who need support for their mental health in work I work with them for nine months across the program and work with them on a monthly basis to provide them information advice and guidance on how to manage their mental health at work."

David: "I do think having the safe and supportive atmosphere goes hand in hand with the support that I've had and First Bus have been aware of my mental health difficulties even prior to me starting my job and have given me an environment where I can thrive and have encouraged me to use other supports."

Mubs Mahmed: "We understand the challenges our employees face both on and off the road. Our mission is to become an inclusive employer where everyone is welcome, can be their true selves and succeed.

Colleagues who have used Able Futures have given some fantastic and overwhelmingly positive feedback. It has helped them restore routine back into their daily lives, helped them with coping strategies to help them manage and cope with mental health crises."

David: "I certainly feel more rounded coming out of the other side and I would 100 percent recommend Able Futures to anybody if something's causing them issues at work. If it's causing you issues that could affect your ability to work rather than waiting for them to get worse go on the website, pick your phone up, fill the form in get assessed and get the support you need.

It really is a good service and I actually can't believe it's free."