Mental health support for apprentices. For more employable futures

Mental health difficulties can affect the focus and effectiveness of apprentices. They may need time off work and struggle with their studies. Getting support can help them take back control.

The Access to Work Mental Health Support Service is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions meaning there is no charge to use this service.

Able Futures can help you demonstrate your commitment to supporting apprentices with mental health conditions in the workplace. 

Apprenticeship providers: FAQs about Able Futures

The Access to Work Mental Health Support Service helps apprenticeship providers support apprentices, with a confidential service designed around their needs and daily routine. It also offers you advice, practical support and internal promotion materials you can use to raise awareness of the service within your business.

In addition, every apprenticeship provider that registers for the service receives a toolkit, a free training resource full of helpful dos and don’ts, and invitations to Disability Confident events where you can gain first-hand experience of the latest guidance and research for supporting people with their mental health.

When you sign-up to provide the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service you receive a comprehensive range of support. In addition to the toolkit, event invitations and internal promotion, you have access to a qualified health care professional to help you support your apprentices. Your health care professional will have experience of working with people with mental health difficulties, knowledge that you can access at any time.

There is no charge to you or your apprentices to use the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service. This includes all the calls, meetings, expert advice, guidance and promotional materials.

It does not matter how often you or your apprentices use the service, all support provided under the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Providers of apprenticeships are offered a comprehensive package of support, which includes:

  • Advice on supporting an apprentice with a mental health condition
  • Education and a toolkit packed with helpful dos and don’ts
  • Internal promotion of the easy-to-access service for your apprentices
  • Opportunities to attend Disability Confident learning events

Able Futures is a nationwide network of specialists set-up to provide the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The support provided is designed to help people living with mental health difficulties and is funded by the DWP.

The Able Futures partnership includes:

Ingeus is a global provider of services that help make positive change. They give people the support and skills they need to get a job, gain independence and become productive employees.

Case-UK works with individuals and families to create a desire for change, which results in improving their personal, social and economic well-being.

Health 2 Employment
Health 2 Employment supports people living with physical and mental health difficulties. Their highly qualified health team help people manage their condition so that they can find jobs and stay in employment longer.

Salus is an NHS-based provider of occupational health, safety and return-to-work services. The first-class advice and support they deliver helps people with health conditions into work and remain in employment.

Working Minds
Working Minds is a company of highly experienced health and development professionals providing psychological and practical support solutions. They specialise in individual health and wellbeing, employee assistance, employer support, individual employment outcomes and improved individual performance.


The support you provide under the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service can help your apprentices with mental health difficulties have more good days, which reduces the risk to your investment of time and resources.

What’s more, the service will simultaneously improve an apprentice’s attendance and performance and the likelihood of them completing their studies.

By providing support you demonstrate your commitment to a more inclusive and diverse workplace, which can enhance employee engagement and create a positive working environment.

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Access to Work Mental Health Support Service: Freephone 0800 321 3137