Self care is not selfish

Sometimes it may seem as though taking the time and making the effort to "self-care" can be a bit selfish. But self care is not selfish.

Selfish is taking care of ourselves at others expense. Self-care is taking care of ourselves so we can be there for others.

At Able Futures, we care about how you take care of yourself. Our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants (VRCs) can give you advice on how to look after yourself so you can maintain mental wellbeing and keep feeling good, and they can also help you learn how to look after yourself when times are harder and you need to recover from an issue that means you don't feel so well.

There's no cost to use the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service Able Futures runs and you can connect with a VRC at a time and place that's convenient for you.


How do you take care of yourself?

When you're busy taking care of work or looking after other people it can be difficult to know what you can do to take care of yourself. Thinking about these things every day can help you build a self-care routine with little steps to look after yourself all the time. 

  • Get a good sleep
  • Breathe deeply and calmly
  • Eat a nutritious balanced diet
  • Drink enough water
  • Connect with people
  • Be active

Find out more about five ways to look after your wellbeing, how sleep affects our mental health and how what we eat and drink affects our body and our brains. 

By getting support from an Able Futures VRC, you could get more self-care advice and support for accessing treatment, therapies, adjustments or making changes to look after yourself, so that you're feeling well enough to be there for others. 

Apply now for mental health support from Able Futures.


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Access to Work Mental Health Support Service: Freephone 0800 321 3137